You don't need any more stress.

As a father-to-be, I checked out many contraction timing apps and found all them lacking in some way. Solution? Write one for myself that everyone could find useful.

Labor Day is the free, elegant solution for contraction timing focused on clarity and visual simplicity. There's no reason your pregnancy labor timer should assault your eyes or be filled with confusing buttons and text. Labor Day is refined and simple. Featuring a big, easy-to-read display, because you want to SEE contractions getting longer and the intervals getting shorter.

Labor Day is an essential tool in the last days of pregnancy.

  • free!
  • simple to use
  • clear, understandable layout
  • color coded intensity tracking
  • timings are easy to modify and delete
  • averages the last 10, the last half hour, or last hour of contractions
  • automatically stops timing if you forget and leave it running

Free download for iPad

version 1.02 / November 2013

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